Rosario's Pizzeria gives pizza a Mexican twist by adding unique toppings like al pastor and avocado. Grab a slice from their shop in Philadelphia. This video "Would You Eat an Avocado Pizza?",

Rosario’s Pizzeria opened seven years ago with an incredibly unique but simple concept – combine Mexican ingredients with American fast food dishes.

The result is a wonderful fusion of flavor. Take, for instance, the Authentic Chicken Mole pizza – a pizza topped with chicken smothered in traditional mole sauce, raw red onions and mozzarella cheese.

Tacos and Pizza Had a Baby in South Philly

It’s an Italian-American/Mexican hybrid, repping its neighborhood like some kind of delicious mascot.

Because they're just that crazy and awesome, fresh-into-Point Breeze Rosario's is offering pizzas, burgers, and a full Mexican menu loaded with everything from ...